Gov. Moonbeam disappoints enviros: Announces support for fracking

The reports:

f anyone had lingering doubts about where California Gov. Jerry Brown stands on fracking, the state’s top oil and gas regulator removed them on Friday.

Speaking at a panel discussion on fracking, the head of California’s Department of Conservation, Mark Nechodom, said the governor backs the controversial oil-production technique. His comment came after the moderator asked each of the panel’s participants to spend five minutes discussing his or her organization’s position on fracking.

“I can probably save us five minutes,” Nechodom replied. “Gov. Brown supports hydraulic fracturing.” He then stopped talking, letting his statement sink in with the audience.

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4 thoughts on “Gov. Moonbeam disappoints enviros: Announces support for fracking”

  1. So, Governor Ichabod Brown got two things right this week.
    No non-citizens on juries, and this.

    Too bad for us in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia that he got just about everything else wrong.
    (Which is why he desperately needs more tax revenue.)

  2. Enviros have become as large and pointless a pain in the ass for Jerry’s supertrain plans, as they are for all the rest of Californians.

    Don’t think of this as an isolated event. Brown can be moved from Al Gore type climate catastrophism.

  3. This is a politicians dream. They state will push for high taxes on the oil extraction as the price to permit drilling then to satisfy the environmentalists CARB will push the price of the refined product higher still as price to emit CO2 using cap and trade. Everyone wins except the long suffering CA citizen.

  4. Governor Brown realizes he has run out of other peoples money, and in order to continue the socialist dream, he needs to find new sources. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t suddenly start drilling off the coast again.

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