Gnarly: Al Gore enlists pro surfer to tell public how global warming is affecting surfing

Surfwire announces:

The Climate Reality Project and the San Diego Film Festival announced today that they are partnering to promote What I Love, a new, web-based experience launched by Climate Reality in collaboration with integrated production company B-Reel that seeks to transform climate change from a global abstraction into a personal reality.

Via a simple and visually compelling interface, asks users to identify the canvas of people, places, and things that make them who they are. Once this canvas is complete, What I Love immerses the user in a cinematic vision of what makes life meaningful before showing how climate change specifically threatens the things we love.

“Climate change has already cost us ­ in more costly extreme weather disasters, in failed crops, in heat and pollution-related health costs,” said Al Gore, former Vice President and Climate Reality Project Chairman. “What I Love goes beyond the dollar figure to capture the true, human cost of climate change by inviting us to imagine who we would be and how we would live our lives without what matters most.”

To help demonstrate this, the San Diego Film Festival and The Climate Reality Project will host a discussion with pro surfer and San Diego native Ricky Whitlock, who will explain how climate change is altering the landscape of surfing.

This discussion will take place during the late afternoon films at 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 5, 2013, at the Reading Theater, located at 701 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101.

What I Love is a continuation of Climate Reality Project’s ongoing efforts to educate the public about the impacts of climate change and connect the dots to understand how it affects their daily lives.

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9 thoughts on “Gnarly: Al Gore enlists pro surfer to tell public how global warming is affecting surfing”

  1. Remember what Jeff Spicoli said about life: “All I need is some cool buds and some tasty waves and I’m fine, man.”

  2. II guess when the oceans rise about 3 meters, the fear is that they will have to surf into the rocks in maybe 600 years, no?

    It would be amazing to see how the coast looked 18000 years ago when the sea was 400 feet lower.

  3. It would be a shame if the waters were so warm they wouldn’t have to wear wet suits @ Hunington.

  4. Never heard of “Ricky Whitlock” or should that be “Whitless”. I have an old friend who was a Surfing World Champions back in the 70’s … not many so you can probably guess who … so long as Teahupoo is pumpin’ who the fek cares !

  5. Well, that settle’s it. AGW is clearly a monstrous threat. We must trash our economies immediately in order to save surfers from having to practice their sport on giant cruise ships that have wave-maker pools.

  6. Who’s in charge of your “Propaganda” department in the USA? They’re not doing a very good job. Unbelievable.

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