Carbon-sheviks: EU wants local/regional soviets to enforce CO2 emissions limits

LocalGov reports:

The European Union’s (EU) Committee of the Regions said delivering climate change targets was ‘simply unattainable without local and regional authorities’.

Committee members backed the EU’s position to find an international agreement by 2015 that limited global warming below two degrees.

Manchester city councillor and committee member Neil Swannick said: ‘Cities and regions are on the frontline when it comes to responding to extreme weather events and climate change.

‘Only by harnessing all our efforts at local, regional, national and EU level can we hope to achieve the changes needed.

‘The allocation of 20% of the EU budget for climate-related spending must be taken up by regional and local authorities for local action to underpin the hoped-for global agreement in Paris in 2015.’

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2 thoughts on “Carbon-sheviks: EU wants local/regional soviets to enforce CO2 emissions limits”

  1. This sounds like the socialist mayors trying to expand their powers by using the CO2 bludgeon. Cities run by socialists are shitholes across the EU, as you would expect, all Detroits in the making but with more Mosques. Basically no-go areas. This will go nowhere fast. Won’t stop them from trying again, and again, and again…

  2. It seems like they are meeting their goal of keeping the earth under 2 degC of warming with no effort whatsoever. Why harass local governments to waste their money on an effort that already seems won?

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