AP exposes IPCC ‘leader’ as blowhard — Carnegie Institution’s Chris Field should read more, bloviate less

The AP reports:

Top scientists have a better idea of how global warming will shape the 21st century: In a new report, they predict sea levels will be much higher than previously thought and pinpoint how dangerously hot it’s likely to get.

In its most strongly worded report yet, an international climate panel said it was more confident than ever that global warming is a man-made problem and likely to get worse. The report was welcomed by the Obama administration and environmental advocates who said it made a strong and urgent case for government action, while skeptics scoffed at it.

“There is something in this report to worry everyone,” said Chris Field, a Carnegie Institution scientist who is a leader of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change but wasn’t involved in the report released Friday.

Without any substantial changes, he said the world is now on track for summers at the end of the century that are hotter than current records, sea levels that are much higher, deluges that are stronger and more severe droughts. [Emphasis added]

Except that Field’s IPCC in its Summary for Policymakers only had “medium confidence’ in worse droughts happening (See Table below) — and “medium confidence” does not equate to “world is now on track… for more sever droughts.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 9.54.09 PM

6 thoughts on “AP exposes IPCC ‘leader’ as blowhard — Carnegie Institution’s Chris Field should read more, bloviate less”

  1. You may be correct ‘observer’. Who outside of the USA would have any idea of what motivates your president – he seems to me to be rich on rhetoric but painfully shallow in walking the talk – certainly seems hell bent in screwing your country (IMHO)

  2. If only you were right – Unfortunately our water melons have already started bombarding the radio and TV news rooms – cherry picking the emotional crap parts of the report that suit their agenda – what a pack of wallies – fortunately I have faith in the silent majority.

  3. otumoetai….you don’t sound the least bit frightened. I guess that means the scam is not going to work, and they might as well go out and look for real jobs! The sky is not falling, and there is no need to destroy the world’s economies with useless wind turbines. Game over!

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