Warmist pub concedes on IPCC rollout: ‘The denial camp has again won the PR battle here’

The Daily Climate reports:

The word early from scientists gathered in Stockholm is clear: The planet is changing, and humans are the cause.

But the message from media outlets in the days and weeks leading up to Friday’s release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment presented a far murkier picture: Global temperatures haven’t risen in the past 15 years, Arctic Sea ice is growing and scientists are scrambling to explain why…

The denial camp has again won the PR battle here. Whether climate advocates and scientists can wrest back the debate as the IPCC rolls out the rest of its Fifth Assessment over the next few months is as much a question today as it was in 2010.

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4 thoughts on “Warmist pub concedes on IPCC rollout: ‘The denial camp has again won the PR battle here’”

  1. What battle? I must have missed it. I thought it was a spectacular face plant by the blighters, and now the “denial camp” gets the credit for it? How flattering.

  2. They have a huge advantage. Their position is just so weak. The IPCC report addresses the 17-year decade of no cooling with more anthropogenic CO2 than ever before, the realization that CO2 is one of hundreds of climate factors and anthropogenic CO2 a minor part of that minor part, that attempts to reduce anthropogenic CO2 are extremely cost ineffective and harmful, and that both CO2 and warmth has many benefits by backtracking a bit and sidestepping these issues while professing an even greater belief. Accidental transparency to this religious doctrine of manmade disaster.

  3. For years, the MSM gave the benefit of the doubt to climate alarmists, and ignored, or even worse, slandered, the people who chose to question their theories. Now that both are getting coverage, and the truth has been allowed to surface, the climate alarmists are crying, “foul”. They are disgusting and pathetic in their desperation continue to cover up the fact, that it was a scam to begin with.

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