IPCC report co-chair: ‘Not enough literature’ on ocean-ate-my-warming… an ’emerging question’

The Spokesman-Review reports:

“An old rule says that climate-relevant trends should not be calculated for periods less than around 30 years,” said Thomas Stocker, co-chair of the group that wrote the report.

Many scientists say the purported slowdown reflects random climate fluctuations and an unusually hot year, 1998, picked as a starting point for charting temperatures. Another leading hypothesis is that heat is settling temporarily in the oceans, but that wasn’t included in the summary.

Stocker said there wasn’t enough literature on “this emerging question.”

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3 thoughts on “IPCC report co-chair: ‘Not enough literature’ on ocean-ate-my-warming… an ’emerging question’”

  1. I think they misstate how the 30 year cycle is suppose to work. They average all the temps and stats over a a 30 year period to come up with some average. So lets look at weather since 1983 – and you will notice that 15 years of still to slightly declining temps, are already affecting the 30 year period quite significantly. The strong uptick in the first 15 years is being mellowed by the flat line of the next 15 years. I don’t think until this week, have I ever heard that a weather pattern has to exist in singularity over a 30 year period.

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