Wyoming paper: Sue and settle is no way to run the EPA

The Casper Star-Tribune editorializes:

The means of last resort appears to be the first option for the Environmental Protection Agency, according to 12 states including Wyoming.

Those 12 states, led by 12 Republican attorneys general, believe the EPA is working in concert with “green” groups to sue the agency so that it will relent, settle and enforce stricter regulations than it would have normally.

The problem is two fold. First, opponents say it forces the agency to follow the strictest interpretation of the law or policies and discourages working toward solutions and collaboration. Moreover, those opposed to the sue-and-settle practice say it gives fringe, radical or extreme groups a way to force views that are out of line with the majority of citizens…

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One thought on “Wyoming paper: Sue and settle is no way to run the EPA”

  1. Of course the Activists and the EPA are hand in glove. What in heck do you think the ‘ Richard Windsor’ alias was all about?

    Heck the [self-snip] USDA agent that ‘Inspected’ me was a KNOWN Animal Rights activist as was shown in her public internet record!

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