West Virginia Democrats beg for mercy on coal from Obama EPA chief

Grovelling West Virginia Dems are happy just to get a response from Gina McCarthy. What a nation we have become.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Puccio said the delegation hoped McCarthy would be more responsive to West Virginia and other coal states, which will take the biggest hit from new carbon curbs.

“In the past, we sent letters to (former EPA Administrator Lisa) Jackson and we never received any response,” he said.

“But we were extremely optimistic about how this cabinet secretary responded,” he said of McCarthy. “She took notes, asked questions and appeared to want to communicate better and see if there is a reasonable solution.”

5 thoughts on “West Virginia Democrats beg for mercy on coal from Obama EPA chief”

  1. We really have to get behind the 2014 elections and get rid of the Democratic controlled Senate. Then defund EPA, and get a flat tax and eliminate the IRS, kill Obama care. That is our only hope.

  2. The left won’t be happy until there are rolling brown outs and black outs so they can distribute electricity to their favored constituencies that toe the political line. Same for food and health care, it is all about control and forcing the population to say “please may I ” to the government for every aspect of their lives.

  3. That will make good campaign fodder for the opposition, but the opposition is probably not bright enough to use it.

  4. Congress is supposed to legislate. I’m sure that Rep. Daines of Montana would be happy to co-sponsor something with the coal-state Democrats.

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