4 thoughts on “Warming Fail: 2013 so far 42nd warmest on record”

  1. Even if the temperatures are acurate and appropriately averaged, the use of the word “warmest” without any numerical context is propagandist in nature. The ten warmest years in history have a range of 0.0862C. Not much mileage to be had telling the populace that a year was less than a tenth of a degree warmer than previous years. I get more of a range measuring different sides of my back yard.

  2. Howdy Mr. Bastardi
    And of course it’s only one datum among many; warmists love to highlight warm outliers but tend to cover over cold outliers, while sceptics want to know the range and distribution.

  3. What was it from 1978 on. NOAA is adjusting temps down in pre satellite era and there is a different methodology used before 1978 ( has to be) since satellite era started then ( at the end of the cold cycle of the Pacific, btw). They refuse to tell the public that the temps from 1978 use objective satellite data, rather than data that can and is being manipulated

  4. The 42nd-warmest January of 114 or 115 Januarys is about the 65th percentile. The comparison year offered, 1952, occurred a lot of CO2 ago. In between, we’ve had warning of both an Ice Age and dangerous warming. The actual measurements would seem to back up nothing in particular.

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