14 thoughts on “Video: Warmist ad agency proposes naming storms after GOP skeptics”

  1. Fine. Can we name blizzards and outrageous cold fronts after AGW loons?
    The great Gore of 2011, the Mann of 2013, etc.

  2. we have had a record number of years without a 3+ hurricane hitting the US. Until Sandy we also had a record number of years without a hurricane hitting the US at all. This year the hurricane season seems non existent.

    where are you getting your info?

  3. I believe, actually, it is more like the concepts of statistics are fairly complex and in some ways intangible and therefore more complex than most average people are willing or able to understand. Therefore, in order to convey those statistics in a way which is more easily digestible for the average person they have to “jazz it up” a bit. It’s like how Aesop’s fables teach lessons to children via the use of picture books.

  4. I assume the alarmist logic is if they name storms after deniers they wouldn’t have happened if the deniers believed in global warming?

  5. It’s almost like they know their data isn’t good enough so they have to jazz it up with the right advertizing to sell it.

  6. Having a hurricane named after you would be much more honorable than to have a Power Point show named after you….just sayin’….

  7. That is the most inane video. Climate science has enough problems with politicalization and the bad image it brings. So the answer is to politicize it even more with ad-hom attacks on political and public figures?

    But, I say let them do it. They will succeed in driving more people towards skepticism. Alarmists will never learn that you don’t positively influence public opinion by acting like attack dogs.

  8. Among the problems with this: (1) A dwindling number of hurricanes. (2) An ever-growing number of skeptics. (3) The attention may draw the curious to check out the skeptics, some of whose writings will be “dangerously” fact-based and compelling.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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