Video: Rohrabacher says global warming a ‘fraud’ to help ‘create global government’

The Hill reports:

Global warming is a “fraud” orchestrated by people with a far-reaching agenda to restrict personal freedom, according to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.).

“Just so you’ll know, global warming is a total fraud,” the 13-term lawmaker told a Tea Party group Thursday.

Rohrabacher said global warming has its origins with liberals at the local-government level who want decision-making ceded to higher authorities.

“You’ve got liberals who get elected at the local level [that] want the state government to do the work and let them make the decisions. Then at the state level they want the federal government to do it. And at the federal government they want to create global government to control all of our lives,” he said…

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One thought on “Video: Rohrabacher says global warming a ‘fraud’ to help ‘create global government’”

  1. Global warming nonsense doesn’t have its origins at the local level, but the local level politicians who prostitute themselves for federal money will always say, “all our fault–we’ve got to stop people from breathing and cows from farting and Mike & Sue from building the home of their dreams outside the city limits.” Kaching–they’ve gotten a few more federal grants to narrow the Malthusian streets, build Rowan Boulevards in Glassboro, NJ for the future leftists that will rule America, and hope to God that the likes of Dana Rohrabacher are silenced. There’s one thing I don’t understand–why doesn’t any member of Congress stand up on the floor and expose UN Agenda 21 for what it is? Just one senator or representative would be all it takes to bring the issue before the American people.

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