4 thoughts on “Satellite temps flat for 200 months now”

  1. Well, we’ve landed vehicles on Mars, but they are PV so they aren’t putting out any CO2 — which would be hard to notice in Mars’ atmosphere that is already mostly CO2. So AGW-Mars seems unlikely.
    And we haven’t landed anything on the Jovian and Saturnine moons, so it’s hard to see how AGW can apply to them.
    H’m. Is it possible that several planets responded to a similar change from something else in the solar system? Or that we really don’t know much about climate on other planets in the first place?

  2. I’ve been asking what caused temperature increase on Mars, the Jovian and Saturnine moons, Pluto, et al in the ’90s as well. Still haven’t gotten an answer on that one either.

  3. Very good questions, I hope you get very good answers but I doubt it. I have been asking for quite a while now what caused climate change eons ago before man and industry came on the scene?

  4. A few questions come to mind:
    1. How do supposedly reputable scientists and agencies look at the same data and reach different conclusions — not on the implications, I understand those differences, but on the actual data?
    2. Why has the GISS — NASA’s own agency — scorned NASA’s own satellite record?
    3. What actual harm has been identified in the temperature changes seen since around 1850, often considered the approximate end of the Little Ice Age?
    4. What caused the end of the Little Ice Age, since human CO2 production was far too small to do so?
    5. Refer to question 1 again.

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