Report: Obama trying to paint climate skeptics as birthers

Is there a certificate of global warming?

Greenwire reports:

President Obama’s strongest supporters are executing a play that feels familiar after four years: Use humor and social media to marginalize Republicans as extreme and out of touch on all fronts, from substantive legislation on topics such as immigration to ephemera on the level of unfounded conservative suspicions that the commander in chief was not born in America.

This time, however, the fodder is climate change.

The nonprofit created to promote Obama’s priorities, Organizing for Action (OFA), put together a climate staff in May and last week launched a campaign that handed out unicorn trophies to 135 congressional Republicans who have raised doubts about humans’ role in climate change. These “Denier Awards” made a splashy stage for Obama backers to pre-empt GOP resistance to U.S. EPA emissions rules — while signaling that the president’s team sees a chance to build a national stage for an issue he was savaged as too silent on during his re-election run.

“You’re beginning to hear the Obama team say, ‘OK, you’re going to attack us? It doesn’t make sense for us to ignore it. Let’s heighten these distinctions, let’s expose these individuals,'” Anthony Leiserowitz, director of Yale University’s Project on Climate Change Communication, said in an interview. “It plays into a broader narrative about the distinctions between the two parties.”

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5 thoughts on “Report: Obama trying to paint climate skeptics as birthers”

  1. He may have been born in Hawaii. He certainly was not born at the hospital he (his fake birth certificate) claims he was. His mother certainly did not live at the address she claimed she did. His birth certificate number was not his number. His SS number was for a individual from Connecticut who died and Obama’s grandmother worked in a state office where that ss and the informatiopn about the persons death would have been available to her if she wanted to give her new grandson a phony ss number. The list of untruths and coincidences goes on and on including Obama’s aunt saying she was at his birth in Africa and a African anouncment of birth. So He may have been born in Hawaii but there is zero proof of it and Obama has spent a couple million dollars preventing any proof from being made public. Just saying…

  2. I’m a denier who believes in evolution and believes Obama was born in Hawaii. That should cause OFA some cognitive dissonance.
    I’m not at all concerned that Obama is black. I’m concerned that he defines himself as “black” first, anti-American second, and president a distant third. Plus he’s ignorant and/or stupid.

  3. This could have some validity to it. Obama’s birth certificate has been proven to be a falsified document. The so called “evidence” of AGW has been proven to be false. Hmmmm!

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