2 thoughts on “Pat Michaels: IPCC Chooses Option No. 3 — ‘Do nothing and mislead policymakers and the rest of the world’”

  1. Yes, misleading has been the path including the IPCC. Having climbed out on the limb, they can’t go back. Pushback there will be. Let’s keep it stridently and overwhelmingly convincing, but without “pulling a Mann” – or a Gleick. They can get away with it because they are demagogues. Skeptics not so much.

  2. Option 3 has been the alarmists’ game plan since Hansen and Gore became friends. So far they and their ilk and their kith and their kin have made billions from an adoring public and the Gulf petrostates. They also get to feel superior and manage the temperatures of our showers. Why would they change now?

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