Obama campaign awards skeptic GOP congressman unicorn trophy for ‘fantasy’ climate views

We were going to give Organizing for Action a trophy, but didn’t have time to get to the cow pasture.

The Hampton Roads Daily Press reports:

Environmentalists are giving Virginia Congressman Rob Wittman a trophy, albeit a dubious one: the Congressional Climate Change Deniers Award.

Christine Llewellyn, director of the Williamsburg Climate Action Network, says it’s in the shape of a unicorn — “because a unicorn is a symbol of fantasy belief.” Llewellyn organized a rally Tuesday outside Wittman’s Yorktown office, but said she didn’t expect the congressman to be there.

Wittman’s website notes he’s a “champion of the Chesapeake Bay” for introducing legislation to increase the accountability and effectiveness of cleaning up the polluted estuary…

The Climate Change Deniers Award is the brainchild of Organizing for Action, which began as Organizing for America — a project of the Democratic National Committee.

4 thoughts on “Obama campaign awards skeptic GOP congressman unicorn trophy for ‘fantasy’ climate views”

  1. “Congressional Climate Change Deniers Award” — Man, I want my Congresspimple to win one of these!!!

  2. Unicorns aren’t all that fantastic. Timothy G. Zell has a US patent, 4,429,685, for a surgical procedure to produce unicorns. One of his products toured with Barnum and Bailey in the 1980s.

  3. I think the congressman should accept his unicorn trophy and hold it in a sort of escrow. If the global average temperature drops by a tenth of a degree over the next decade as many believe it will, it can be returned to the recipient who deserves it most.

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