Obama accuses Congress of being bribed by fossil fuel industry

ClimateProgress reports:

President Barack Obama disparaged dirty energy money being pumped into political campaigns in a speech before Binghamton University on Friday, saying that members of Congress’s energy committees didn’t have the public’s best interest at heart because they were bought and sold by “fossil fuel industries.”

“What we’ve seen too often in Congress,” Obama said, “is that the fossil fuel industries tend to be very… influential, let’s put it that way, on the energy committees in Congress.”

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8 thoughts on “Obama accuses Congress of being bribed by fossil fuel industry”

  1. That’s the problem, people thinks social in money and not in people, companies are big only in money but they are smaller than a town and a country, even as i love economy society’s first objective is to care about it’s own people.
    For keeping a company that benefits only 1 million people they would destroy a whole city with more than 2 million people not to mention a whole country.

  2. Got a tip for ya, Rino Stoof:

    Always make sure to wear your tinfoil hat whenever you’re outside. ‘Twould be a shame if the Voices ever stopped talking to you….

  3. It’s not only just bribe money, it’s anything it takes to slow their money gushing in.
    Many inventors have been bought out, imprisoned on false charges or killed. Oil is the biggest earner bar none, of course they will protect that.
    Search for ‘Pantone Geet engine’ (run petrol engines on almost any fluid) imprisoned, ‘Stanley Meyer water fuel’ (run any petrol internal combustion or turbine engine on water. Jetplanes running on water!) killed ,Pogue carburetor (100 mpg+) killed, the list is long. do a quick search for ‘suppressed’ on peswiki.com.
    It’s nothing new, Nikolai Tesla was stopped with his ‘free power to all’ scheme by Morgan in the early 1900s.
    The latest one fighting against them right now is Ron Hatton from gadgetmangroove.com. His simple invention can give huge mileage improvements in petrol cars. His house is bugged, computer tampered with on a daily basis, drugs were planted and he was arrested under false charges. He’s obviously upset them, if it didn’t work they’d leave him alone.
    All it takes for evil men to prosper is for good men to do nothing.
    Unfortunately even presidents are in danger, Kennedy found this the hard way.
    So please preident Obama, stand up to them and stop them robbing us all and killing the planet in the process! Do wear a bullet proof vest though..

  4. No, Democrats do not generally think that it is good for politicians to follow the will of lots of people. They think that it is good to follow the will of the so-called elites, which generally are themselves.

  5. Money is influential. Big businesses are also influential because they are big. They represent the interests of a lot of people. Democrats generally think it is good for politicians to follow the will of lots of people.

  6. As opposed to being bribed by BHO’s (and his administration’s) generous dispensing of taxpayer money to buy silence (from the press), and vocal support (from the press, various NGOs, favored businesses, & academia) and votes.

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