NO… wind and solar are not viable without subsidies

Past the generation-consumption distinction, U.S. wind and solar are subsidized 88 times and 1,211 times, respectively, more per megawatt-hour than coal.

From the Wall Street Journal editorial page (Aug. 17, 2012):

Energy subsidies

Read the WSJ editorial ($ubscription required).

2 thoughts on “NO… wind and solar are not viable without subsidies”

  1. Then why are most counties banning people from setting up water power and small wind generators and homemade solar panels that can power each individual home ! Have friends who are off grid and spent hardly any money doing their on power grids????? Because the Gov DOES NOT WANT ITS CITIZENS TO BE SELF SUFFICENT!!!!!!

  2. Our Socialist government in coaltion with the Greens have been brainwashing us into believing that coal burning energy is wrong for the environment so use solar & wind instead. Yet, we are still exporting coal to China, India etc., by the hundreds of tons so that they can have cheap energy but we can’t. Go figure.

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