No hope: Obama anti-coal policy to keep global poor in dark

Bloomberg reports:

The world’s richest nations, moving to combat global warming, are cutting government support for new coal-burning power plants in developing countries, dealing a blow to the world’s dominant source of electricity.

First it was President Barack Obama pledging in June that the government would no longer finance overseas coal plants through the U.S. Export-Import Bank. Next it was the World Bank, then the European Investment Bank, dropping support for coal projects. Those banks have pumped more than $10 billion into such initiatives in the past five years.

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4 thoughts on “No hope: Obama anti-coal policy to keep global poor in dark”

  1. Of course, forcing poor blacks, Asians and other such groups around the world to live in poverty isn’t racist, because we know the people in charge are doing this for the right reasons.

  2. One solution is for oil companies to start fracking in these countries, allowing them to access their own cheap natural gas and oil, to generate electricity and fuel for cars. It would improve their lives immensely and give the eco-freaks a stroke.

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