MSNBC’s philosophy major Chris Hayes says we need to leave $20 trillion in fossil fuels in the ground

But fossil fuels = wealth = health, while climate alarmism = disaster.

From a Salon interview with philosophy major Hayes:

Salon: What’s the biggest thing that’s currently going unacknowledged when it comes to climate policy?

Hayes:” The big elephant in the room is that we are going to have to leave about four-fifths of the world’s proven fossil fuel reserves in the ground. The value of that is estimated to be as high as $20 trillion, and it’s hard to come up for a precedent of successful political movements that have managed to, essentially, make national corporations and nations walk away from $20 trillion. That is the big unanswered question: Can we do that?

So far with fossil fuels, we have developed a $65 trillion global economy. Such wealth has provided more people a higher standard of living than imaginable in the pre-fossil fuel era. Leaving wealth in the ground based on junk science-fueled alarmism would be devastating to our standard of living.

6 thoughts on “MSNBC’s philosophy major Chris Hayes says we need to leave $20 trillion in fossil fuels in the ground”

  1. Unidentified village: “Your IDIOT has been located. You may pick him up at your convenience.”

  2. Time to start burning journalist and politician fat for fuel. Stupidity is not knowing what you don’t know and clearly describes most journalists and politicians. Ignorance can be fixed with education. Stupidity can be fixed with elimination.

  3. That 20 Trillion dollars represents crops that wouldn’t be planted or harvested, clothes and shoes not manufactured, houses not heated in the winter or cooled in the summer, and millions of other things not undertaken due to lack of energy. This is not just a philosophical question, it is messing with people’s existence.

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