Most aggressive Obama climate plan accomplishes nothing

The Washington Post reports:

So that’s the lay of the land. Outside observers basically think that the EPA’s new rules could cut power-plant emissions anywhere from 1 percent to 26 percent. It all depends on how the administration juggles environmental considerations with concerns about legality and cost.

A 26% reduction in U.S. coal plant emissions — about 500 million tons/year — is meaningless means since annual manmade emissions are projected to rise to about 45 billion tons by 2040 — a 46% increase from 2010.

3 thoughts on “Most aggressive Obama climate plan accomplishes nothing”

  1. This caused me to wonder why Obama elects to do the things he does do, while leading from behind on everything else. Vagueness of cause and effect while appearing to do something has to be in there. That and the ability to place government in control at the center of human activity. Quite the pairing. More bugs in the vagueness of cause and effect to work out for Obamacare account for the all the waivers and delays. And he may not be able to lead from far enough behind on things like foreign policy.

  2. Sure it accomplishes somerhing: higher energy costs, depressed real wages, inefficient and much more costly green energy boondoggles. It also gives warm fuzzies to the enviros. can be made to look more attractive and the pols get to spread the cash to their contributers. B

  3. It accomplishes nothing environmentally. But it accomplishes all he
    wants it to do politically. And THAT is the point!

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