Michael Mann claims IPCC low-balled sea-level hysteria because it fears the ‘climate denial machine’

The Huffington Post reports:

“Its good to see that the IPCC has moved in the right direction this time by at least trying to account for the key contribution to sea level rise from melting ice sheets,” director of Pennsylvania State University’s Earth System Science Center Michael Mann told The Huffington Post in an emailed statement, explaining that it was ignored in the previous IPCC report from 2007.

“However, the projections they provide are still overly conservative, with an upper limit of roughly one meter by 2100, when there is published work that suggests that possibility of as much as two meters (six feet) sea level rise by 2100,” he added.

“This fits a pattern of the IPCC tending to err on the side of conservative, in part–I believe—because of fear of being attacked by the climate change denial machine.”

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18 thoughts on “Michael Mann claims IPCC low-balled sea-level hysteria because it fears the ‘climate denial machine’”

  1. Wow, these alarmist guys really make it hard to be sardonic. I just claimed that thousands of computer projections trump observed reality and people had no trouble believing I actually think that’s true. Some things you just can’t satire. I’ll be sure to use a /sarc tag in the future.

  2. The models may be really neat for you to play with in your mom’s basement, but unfortunately the earth has not warmed for 15 plus years so it appears they are wrong. Will you still be standing by your models 20, or 50 years from now when they planet has cooled instead of warmed.

  3. There’s only one reality. There are thousands of computer projections. Clearly the weight of evidence is on the side of the projections. That’s just basic math.

  4. You know, in a way, Mann’s right. The IPCC cannot make unfounded claims like Gore did back in his movie because of the skeptics. They have to set their claims at levels supported by actual data (even mutilated data) instead of setting arbitrarily high numbers for the purpose of sounding scary. It seems to me that the proper response would be “go team”.

  5. You just don’t understand averages. We ran a projection that yields 20 feet. The empirical data suggest 1 foot. We average the data to smooth outliers and factor out error margins yielding a likely scenario of 10.5 feet. Any plebe can look at raw data. You need a post-doc degree to understand the higher-level statistics required to properly interpret the data. That’s why it’s called “Science”.

  6. Perhaps Professor Mann, the Nobel Laureate, would give us a year-by-year prediction for sea level rise. The science is settled. There can be no questions. It should be easy for him and it would silence the deniers. I wonder if we would get another hockey stick with all the rise about 2100.

  7. Perhaps the IPCC has caught on that it is easier to pull some wool over folks eyes and exaggerate a little than to dump the whole sheep on someones head at the same time. Kinda like socialism, when you hit people with it all at once you have a revolution, when you only take a drop of blood at a time you have the United States.

  8. Maybe he was such a problem. He looks like a spent cartridge now.

    But shutting him down isn’t likely to help. His handlers depend on idiot voters, so the brainwashing will continue, with Mann or without. Look out for many others who still appear credible to idiots. That includes pretty much everybody shown on TED.

  9. Incontinent third-rate hacks with second-rate credentials – like Dr. Mann – have been providing pseudoscientific “cover” for what is unarguably a first-rate fraud, on the basis of which our Illegal-Immigrant-in-Chief has predicated the most egregious attacks in his campaign to utterly destroy the U.S. economy.

    That’s why Michael “Hide the Decline” Mann is a far greater problem than the particular clusters of idiot obamaphile voters you’ve got next door.

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