Mental meltdown at lefty UK paper: Soda is a ‘demon drink’; Calls for ‘war on sugar’

The Guardian rants:

A monumental battle is just beginning between the sugar and food corporations and governments, which know that society can no longer bear the strain of the polysaccharide habit. If the 40 years of war between government and Big Tobacco are anything to go by, the fight will be dirty.

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7 thoughts on “Mental meltdown at lefty UK paper: Soda is a ‘demon drink’; Calls for ‘war on sugar’”

  1. It is the nose of the camel under the tent.

    If they can convince the public they have the RIGHT to dictate to us whether or not we can eat sugar then they can also dictate the entire menu and exactly how many calories we are alloted per day.

    Add in Transit Villages that dictate the size of housing and limit transportation and we find ourselves serfs on feudal estates. The words have changes as have our owners but we are still serfs.

  2. The fight against tobacco was dirty and remains dirty to this day. I’m no advocate of using tobacco or nicotine but I’ve resigned from the tobacco-bullies some years ago.
    This is the same sort of nanny-bully noise that H.L. Mencken accused Puritans of practicing with some justice. It traces back through all of history when our betters decide what we should do. A key difference is using the labels of “health”, “environment”, or “fairness” instead of “the wrath of God.”
    There are indulgences that are clearly harmful, like opiates (I mean the abuse, not the therapeutic use). There are indulgences that can be harmful more easily than others, like alcohol and sex. Some indulgences will do very little harm, maybe none, and sugar is one of those.
    This is less about anyone’s health (as so many commenters have noted) and more about yanking everyone else’s chain.

  3. This starts off with something about a logarithmic increase in fructose (from sucrose) since 1800. However, life expectancy has increased from about 58 for someone born in 1865 to about 77 for someone born in 2000. The facts seem to be a bit at odds with Yudkin and are probably at odds with this guardian screed.

  4. The article is long and becomes boring. However, the comments following the article are revealing. The people writing are showing a result of the propaganda machine. Their heads are filled with mush and misinformation.

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