Mann still in a conniption about Monckton, Milloy

Hopefully, the Mann-child has chilled after a good night’s rest.

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Previous Mann twitter fits:

7 thoughts on “Mann still in a conniption about Monckton, Milloy”

  1. I Mann thinks so little of Steve and Christopher maybe it is time he debated them and put an end once and for all their pestering him. Come on Mikey mann up.

  2. The AGW crowd reminds me of the “Energizer Bunny”. As soon as they turned on, the go on beating the drum endlessly and heedless of everything else. If they fall off the table and land on their back they go right on kicking their feet and pounding the drum as if nothing had ever happened.

  3. When was the last time MM actually addressed substantive issues in a rational way, rather that spewing out pre-teen playground vitriol?
    MM, where’s the meat?

  4. nzcomment: It’s not surprising he keeps making comments, but it is surprising that they are published by anyone not mocking him and his words.

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