Kansas Congresswoman warns EPA against unilateral action on climate

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports:

Responding to a question about climate change at a town hall forum this week, U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Topeka, said she’s strongly against the Environmental Protection Agency taking action without Congressional consent.

Jenkins panned recent comments by President Barack Obama and EPA head Gina McCarthy that suggested the administration could bypass Congress and institute regulations curbing carbon emissions scientific studies have tied to global climate change.

“What Republicans are opposed to is this administration using the EPA to go around the federal government and implement policies,” Jenkins said, adding “We can not let this administration bypass the democratic process.”

Some in the crowd expressed skepticism when the climate change question was raised, with one person saying “What climate change?”

When asked after the forum whether she believes climate change exists and whether it’s a problem that should be addressed, Jenkins offered the following statement:

“I believe the climate changes, but the answer is not to give the EPA orders to run roughshod over the democratic process,” Jenkins said.

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2 thoughts on “Kansas Congresswoman warns EPA against unilateral action on climate”

  1. Maybe Red states should declare Democrats as Terrorists and ban them with lethal force. Ain’t this getting strange!

  2. Has the representative from Kansas introduced legislation? If not, it’s time. I need to bug my own rep.

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