Journalists need to resume skepticism of climate science data

Mark Evans writes at Tuscon Citizen:

Scientists and journalists are supposed to be skeptics – withholding judgment until all the facts are in (or at least the preponderance of them). But like most humans, even those who are expected to be professional agnostics can’t help suspending their incredulity at times, especially when some bit of information closely hews to their worldview.

American liberalism over the past century has primarily concerned itself with social and economic inequality, but in the past few decades environmentalism has become the second floor of the liberal edifice.

When climate scientists began reporting in the 1970s that the world was warming and atmospheric carbon dioxide increases from the burning of fossil fuels appeared to be the cause, environmentalists sang hallelujahs.

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2 thoughts on “Journalists need to resume skepticism of climate science data”

  1. Considering how little objectivity remains even on the front page, this seems like wishful thinking.
    BTW, it’s “Tucson.” Also, a minute ago there was a dangerous-seeming pop-up that wants to “upgrade your browser.” Milloynistas, when you see something like that, use Task Manager (or Mac equivalent) to shut down your browser or turn your power off. Lots of those are now rigged to install malware when you attempt to close them.

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