GOP Reps. Stewart, Smith subpoena EPA’s secret science

From a Chris Stewart media release:

Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith and Environment Subcommittee Chairman Chris Stewart issued a subpoena to the Environmental Protection Agency, forcing the agency to release the secret science it uses as the basis for costly air regulations.

Over the past two years, the Committee has repeatedly requested the data the agency uses to justify virtually every Clean Air Act regulation proposed and finalized by the Obama administration. This was the first congressional subpoena the Science Committee has issued in 21 years.

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One thought on “GOP Reps. Stewart, Smith subpoena EPA’s secret science”

  1. If these committees would limit the time for receiving documents to 30 days and if they aren’t received then issue a subpoena. They allow these agencies to drag their feet and complain they aren’t getting cooperation. The committee holds the big stick so use it. They play cat and mouse so much the agencies have no fear of the congressional committees.

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