Farm Bureau: Science NOT convincing that climate change is manmade

AgWeek reports:

If there’s one thing U.S. farmers can count on, it’s bad weather, and perhaps as a result, many of them don’t think humanity is to blame for the long-term shifts in weather patterns known as climate change. But even though agriculture is a major contributor to global warming, it may not matter whether farmers believe in the problem.

Take, as an example of skepticism, Iowa corn farmer Dave Miller, whose day job is as an economist for the Iowa Farm Bureau. As Miller is happy to explain, it’s not that farmers in Iowa don’t think climate change is happening; they think it’s always been happening, and therefore is unlikely to have much to do with whatever we humans get up to.

Or, as the National Farm Bureau’s spokesman Mace Thornton puts it: “We’re not convinced that the climate change we’re seeing is anthropogenic in origin. We don’t think the science is there to show that in a convincing way.”

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3 thoughts on “Farm Bureau: Science NOT convincing that climate change is manmade”

  1. The author of the piece, Tim Biello, also writes for Scientific American, a leading warmist propaganda outlet. If he read his own stuff here, he might realize that these science-oriented farmers are also science-oriented about his beloved AGW ideology. Aren’t they just saying, “Show me the data.”

  2. It was good to see that many farmers do not believe in the man-made climate change fraud. They obviously are a lot closer to the weather than New York City or Washington politicos, who use climate change as another excuse to exert more control over every aspect of our lives.
    However, the author promotes the climate change mentality and urges farmers to go along with the climate change crowd and help save the world.
    He positively reports that a farmer: “..can now skip the three or four tilling passes in his tractor in favor of clearing a field with herbicides, then using an air drill to inject the wheat seed and fertilizer together.”
    So using Agent Orange to clear the fields (and then people eating the food grown in soil mixed in with Agent Orange) is considered better because it is good for the climate. Better for the “climate”, but not for the people.

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