Econ Prof: Obama’s energy end run will fail

Peter Grossman writes in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Barack Obama needs a crisis. At least he does if he wants to try to realize his dream of solving at once the world’s energy and climate problems. Every major energy bill of the last 40 years passed during, or in the aftermath of, a widely perceived energy crisis. There’s no major climate legislation on the books because I expect the same idea applies.

The rest of us, however, should be glad he doesn’t have one. If history is any guide, energy-crisis legislation produces more problems than solutions. A crisis might be, as the president’s former chief of staff said, an event that shouldn’t “go to waste.” But, in fact, the legislation that has accompanied energy crises has produced just that, waste.

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One thought on “Econ Prof: Obama’s energy end run will fail”

  1. And the previous failures have been with presidents and cabinet members who actually wanted to solve energy problems. Obama and the Enablers don’t even want that.

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