Dept. of You-Can’t-Use-The-Interior: Keystone XL would disturb wildlife, visitors to national parks

The pipeline would be underground for God’s sake — in a region where there are already many pipelines.

Bloomberg reports:

Building the Keystone XL pipeline would lead to more man-made light and noise in sparsely populated regions, which may harm natural resources, wildlife and visitors to national parks, the Interior Department said.

In comments submitted to the State Department as part of an environmental review, Interior warned that developer TransCanada Corp. isn’t adequately dealing with risks to “cultural soundscapes” and “high-quality night skies” from disturbances during construction and from pumping stations that keep oil flowing along the route.

“The cumulative effects of the project could adversely impact the quality of the night skies and the overall photic environment,” Willie Taylor, director of the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance at Interior, wrote in a letter April 29. The State Department posted the letter on its website this week as it releases 1.2 million comments received about the project.

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11 thoughts on “Dept. of You-Can’t-Use-The-Interior: Keystone XL would disturb wildlife, visitors to national parks”

  1. At the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill (Seattle) the blacktail deer ignore you as long as you are no closer than 10 feet. They’ve learned that nothing is going to harm them and they ignore vehicles and people.

  2. Two years ago on the 4th of July several deer fed totally unconcerned about the fireworks going off across the road from them, about 100 feet away.

  3. Yes, antelope lie in the middle of roads all the time. My current wallpaper on my computer is a very large buck antelope lying in the middle of a two-track road that leads to my cabin. Very often the antelope are lying in the middle of the road. The deer in my yard actually moved here From the oilfield because the subdivision had haystacks and water troughs. People who make such comments as in this article probably have no experience with wildlife.

  4. For years I have watched doe antelope bed their kids down in the middle of the road. Its not a high traffic road but it gets plenty of traffic. In spring often we have to wait for them to move or go around. It makes perfect sense the the road is warm and the predators avoid people. Of course you would actually have to live and make a living in a rural area for long enough to see it.

  5. USFWS wastes $250K/bird to rescue the CA Condor from extinction, releases them back into the wild then approves a wind farm right in the middle of the home range of the birds. With this kind of thinking it is not hard to imagine their idiot ideas about the Keystone XL PL. True reflection of the dumbing down that has occurred in our education system.
    Ker Thunk, one CA Condor down, 99 left.

  6. Seriously. These are same idiots that will throw in 200 spinning bird cuisinarts with red blinking lights, shadow flicker and vibration and claim “no impact”. My mind is totally boggled by incredible double think, double speak and how many stupid humans believe it. A buried pipeline disturbs wildlife but giant propellers and silicone panels everywhere don’t???? Arrgggh……

  7. “It will disturb wildlife–” Yeah, you see this al the time, a deer looks at a well head and falls over dead. sarcasm.

  8. But it will disturb visitors to national parks in California and New Hampshire. Many of them are already disturbed.

  9. Here we go again . . . ROTFLMAO

    Same tired uneducated argument that they tried to use with the Alaskan pipeline.

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