Demand for wind power to slow in 2013-2014

Wind Power Monthly reports:

This is taking place in spite of a predicted global market recovery in 2014, which is due to the legacy of weak economic growth and political weakness across the region the EMEA Wind Power Outlook, report argues.

Grid-connected wind installations in EMEA are expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% up to 2020.

According to Make growth is uneven across the region and is led by northern Europe, offshore and emerging markets. However, it remains weak in southern and eastern Europe. Seven of the top 10 global emerging markets are in the EMEA region.

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3 thoughts on “Demand for wind power to slow in 2013-2014”

  1. Howdy Coach
    You’d like to think so, but how long did we have a 55mph speed limit? How long have we had the current family-destructive forms of welfare? How long have we had CAFE standards?

  2. Political weakness can often occur after seeing how the policy actually works and realizing it doesn’t do anything good anyway.

  3. “political weakness ” = an unwillingness to pour good money after bad during hard economic times.

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