Dead polar bear blamed on global warming

No polar bear had ever starved to death before?

The Guardian reports:

This 16-year-old male polar bear died of starvation resulting from the lack of ice on which to hunt seals, according to Dr Ian Stirling, who has studied polar bears for almost 40 years with the Canadian Wildlife Service and the University of Alberta.

7 thoughts on “Dead polar bear blamed on global warming”

  1. Polar bears split off from brown bears. I can imagine the warmist commentary if they were around back then. “We must do something about the climate!! The brown bears are being forced to go out onto increasing ice flows and EAT SEALS!! And there is evidence that climate change is causing them to turn white.”

  2. Perhaps Dr. Stirling should herd a bunch of warming advocates out to the polar bear stomping grounds and let the bears eat on them; thereby saving seals. Since the polar bear population has been increasing it won’t hurt to lose one or two a year. After all it is part of the natural cycle of life.

  3. One polar bear died. Omigosh, that must be a sure sign of coming calamity. If two clubs live, is that a sign of the coming ice age?
    Who are these people who use something as trivial as this as a portent of future evil times? You sure don’t have to send in many box tops to get some doctorates.

  4. If the polar bear starved, that means more seals lived.
    We should start referring to warmists as “anti-Darwinists” or something similar – to point out just how ridiculous these reports are.

  5. It’s possible that a change in the local ice terrain did put this animal at a disadvantage. Ice is a temporary formation anywhere — even Antarctic ice flows in glacial channels and sea ice is subject to lots of disruption. Seals are a moveable feast as well. Polar bears die of starvation, predation, drowning or injury — they don’t have Medicare and St. John’s Lutheran Ministries for their declining years. And if polar bears are like most predators, most of them die in the first year or two of hunger or predation.

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