Concord Monitor: Beware climate catastrophe charlatans

Michael Sununu writes in the Concord Monitor:

There will no doubt be theories, adjustments and other excuses as to why this “delay in warming” is due to mankind, why the models aren’t working, why we should still be scared. They are only theories and excuses. The climate changes. That is a fact. Exactly how and why is still unknown. Anyone who tells you differently is selling you snake oil and taking your money.

Unfortunately for all of us, climate scientists, (and the catastrophe charlatans who make money off their efforts) suffer from the hubris of not admitting what they do not know. The rest of mankind is suffering from it.

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4 thoughts on “Concord Monitor: Beware climate catastrophe charlatans”

  1. Climate is long term. Short term average temperature or precipitation changes, say over 100 years or so, are the way our earth works. The anthropogenic climate change scam is based on the totally unproven hypothesis that man’s CO2 emissions are sufficient to cause a dominant effect on global temperatures. CO2 is a trace gas. If you want to worry about global warming gasses, worry about water vapor. If you want to worry about climate, worry about solar activity, geological and other natural emissions of CO2 and dust, etc – in other words, worry about the BIG factors that actually do affect climate.
    Scientists as a class have no better ethics than politicians. There are some will feed at whatever trough is the most lucrative, especially if other scammers reinforce them as they join the feeding frenzy. And politicians have the same motivation as dishonest “scientists”: Get money, get grants, get recognition. Anthropomorphic global warming is just a religion, based solely on faith in false prophets, and a source for the religion’s priests to become wealthy and acquire prestige in some circles.

  2. Tucci78, I too want revenge. I want to see prison time and forfeiture of wealth from the likes of those like Al Gore and the hockey team who knowingly and fraudulently pushed this scam.
    They absolutely must pay the price in freedom and money as a deterrent for those who might start the next costly and deadly bandwagon. That’s the only way to prevent this from happening over and over and over again.

  3. “The climate changes. That is a fact.”

    Specifically, which climate has changed, say in the last 50 years, as atmospheric CO2 has increased?

  4. Bah. The “climate scientists” themselves – especially as they knowingly utter falsehoods in their applications for grant funding – are “catastrophe charlatans” committing theft of value by fraud.

    They should be investigated, indicted, prosecuted and convicted as such. I don’t just want correction.

    I want revenge.

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