4 thoughts on “Climate Change: What Are the Real Questions?”

  1. The article covers some territory I’ve seen and discussed before. In 1991 or thereabouts. None of this is new, nor does the author claim it is; these are the questions we were asking — and others should have been asking — all along.

  2. Being the simpleminded person that I am, I am still waiting for someone to tell me what the Earth’s perfect temperature should be.

  3. I liked his comments on data quality, but do not believe enough time is spent on this area. Wise men are engaged in earnest conversation over decadal trend differences of 0.001° or some such number when the the temperature measurement error is a couple orders of magnitude greater. This is like the conversation I’m having at work. Landfill gas methane is measured with an instrument that does no better than 1.5% at 50% methane and someone really believes that there is a difference between 50.2% CH4 and 49.8% CH4. If you want to have that argument, it seems you are better served making sure the measurements support it.

    I also enjoyed his revisit of the earth-ending doom scenarios of the past 40 years. That’s enough to make one a bit skeptical.

  4. Charlie got one thing wrong, there are conclusions to every paper … we need more research in this area, send us money, if you don’t the sky will fall in, the sea will boil away, the corals will dissolve in acid, the polarbears will die, the ice will all melt, we’ll be drowned by sea level rises, Noah should be contracted to build an ark !

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