Claim: Climate change may help redwoods thrive

The Associated Press reports:

California’s beloved giant trees could be weathering climate change — and it might even help them thrive.

The Los Angeles Times ( ) says researchers have found that since the 1970s, some coast redwoods have grown at their fastest rate ever. Giant sequoias also are showing growth spurts…

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3 thoughts on “Claim: Climate change may help redwoods thrive”

  1. I thought I saw this on the News at Five…….. what- No, my mistake, I’m hallucinating again…

  2. Considering that ninety percent of all the redwood trees along the coast that were standing 100 years ago have been cut down for lumber, and that they take hundreds of years to grow to great size, (something like 300 feet), what’s left is mainly a facade. So if AGW is causing the growth, let’s have more of it.

  3. Well, there’s your counterclaim against the ecofreaks: Warmists want to kill the redwoods by reducing CO2.

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