Bloomberg closes NYC vaccine clinics; Vows to keep NYers healthy thru food nannying reports:

Two city immunization centers in the Bronx and Queens are set to close in the coming weeks — leaving only one in the city and sparking a protest by health care advocates and local politicians who are worried about the state of public health in the neighborhood.

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4 thoughts on “Bloomberg closes NYC vaccine clinics; Vows to keep NYers healthy thru food nannying”

  1. @benofhouston – As I read the article, that 15,000 patients is not for both clinics, only the one in Corona. Their website seems to indicate it is open two days a week for an average of 140 people per day. That strikes me as VERY worthwhile, useful, and important. If it was up to me numbers like that would probably lead me to look into expanding hours, not shutting the doors.

  2. Howdy ben
    I’d buy that from a city administration that had ever concerned itself over the costs of providing services. But this is New York and Mayor Bloomberg, so even a rational action usually has a poor motivation.

  3. Reading the article, there is justification. These two clinics treated 15,000 patients last year (That’s from the “keep it open side”, so let’s assume it’s accurate-to-high). That’s 20 a day per clinic, not really worthwhile to have even a single nurse on staff. As there are additional locations and offices throughout the region that give subsidized immunizations, is it really an effective use of limited funds to keep them open?

  4. Proof that Bloomberg is not really interested in “the children”, he’s interested in his own agenda and ego.

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