Blair Lee: Maryland’s environmental austerity

Developer Blair Lee wrote a terrific column on Maryland’s nutty lerch to the enviro left.

Lee writes in the Montgomery County Gazette:

Every generation has its doomsday scenario. The invention of gunpowder was supposed to end civilization. In 1798, the Rev. Thomas Malthus convinced the world that overpopulation was outstripping food production leading to apocalyptic famines.

When I was a kid people built underground bomb shelters and schoolchildren practiced “duck and cover” against the coming nuclear holocaust. Later it was pesticides and food chemicals that were supposed to wipe us out (I remember spending three months on a brown rice diet).

Now it’s global warming, renamed climate change because, maybe, the planet isn’t warming after all. This July was the first since 2009 without a 100-degree day.

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One thought on “Blair Lee: Maryland’s environmental austerity”

  1. The very saddest thing about the “progressive” agenda is not that it exists, which is sad enough. It’s that voters select their oppressors by electing “progressives.” Maryland is a recent fall into blue hell; the Northeast has been essentially gone for decades.
    Anyone notice where economic growth is going on?

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