Anti-fracking movement doomed in Pennsylvania

Adding insult to injury is that one of the leading candidates is Al Gore acolyte Katie McGinty. reports:

The top three front-runners for governor in Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial campaign are all fracking cheerleaders: McGinty; DEP head after McGinty, Democrat John Hanger; and the incumbent, Republican Tom Corbett.

McGinty currently works for the shale gas industry as a business partner of Ed Rendell’s at Element Partners, which provides investment capital to shale gas industry start-ups.

She also sat on the industry-stacked U.S. Department of Energy Fracking Subcommittee, which penned the fracking chemical disclosure standards that would eventually become an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) model bill and part of President Obama’s Department of Interior’s rules for fracking on public lands.

John Hanger – a key character in “Gasland” – has increasingly become a fracking apologist since leaving the DEP when Corbett won the 2010 election. So much so, in fact, he was interviewed for the Energy In Depth-produced propaganda film, “Truthland.”

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2 thoughts on “Anti-fracking movement doomed in Pennsylvania”

  1. I doubt a serious candidate could be anti-fracking in PA since it has been such a jobs and economy boost. Whole article was a hoot. They are pushing the thoroughly debunked Gasland as though it’s the gospel. I got the feeling that these progressive journalists for positive change do not care a great deal about the changes in the last 150 or so years. I doubt, however, they are willing to live that simpler lifestyle.

  2. I very much hope that McGinty is better than the one we had up here in Ontario. I’d hate to have my home state screwed up as much as McGuilty screwed things up around here!

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