2013 is a record low year for U.S. tornadoes

AL Gore Flashback: Scientists “will not let us link record-breaking” tornadoes in Oklahoma and elsewhere to climate change.

WUWT reports:

While many climate alarmists still try to tell us that global warming will increase tornadoes, we are in the middle of a tornado drought, and well below normal. Normally we’d see 1221 tornadoes in the USA, so far for 2013, only 716 have been reported.

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2 thoughts on “2013 is a record low year for U.S. tornadoes”

  1. When Obama gave that climate speech, did he have any facts in it? E.g. temps rising faster than expected when they’ve never caught up with the lowest curve of predictions, sea levels rising faster but actually the sea level rise is slower, storms are worse except they are fewer and milder…

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