Report: GOP expected to cave on McCarthy EPA nomination

Hopefully, this is only MSM wishful thinking.

Politico reports:

The Senate seems likely to confirm Gina McCarthy as head of the Environmental Protection Agency in July despite warnings that President Barack Obama’s new climate agenda could torpedo her nomination.

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2 thoughts on “Report: GOP expected to cave on McCarthy EPA nomination”

  1. President Obama is deep into the warming puddle, and he likely believes in it to the extent he can understand it. I know that he can not separate junk theories from reality as evidenced by his disgusting treatment of BP in the oil spill accident.

    Still, how would we want him to handle advise from his nuclear weapon people? I would give the president a break here as he can not be an expert on all matters he works with. President Clinton was very good as those who briefed him said that he knew as much as they did. But even President Clinton would sometimes go astray

  2. The GOP has this caving thing down pretty well. I never doubted they wouldn’t cave on this nomination.

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