California paper cheers higher electricity prices in futile gesture to global warming

The San Jose Mercury News editorializes:

President Barack Obama’s opponents have derisively called his plans announced last week to combat climate change a “war on coal.” It won’t be clear for months or years if that’s true, but Americans should sincerely hope that it is.

While California has not coal plants of its own:

  • It is connected to coal-fired plants in other states; and
  • To the extent taht coal is displaced by gas, gas prices will increase.

How many Californians will want to pay higher electricity prices for imaginary benefit of slowing global warming?

7 thoughts on “California paper cheers higher electricity prices in futile gesture to global warming”

  1. Perhaps they should go one step further and offer up some human sacrifices to Gaia to placate her. They could start with California politicians.

  2. So is The San Jose Mercury News in bankruptcy yet?

    If it’s relying on a readership who have to pay – directly or indirectly – for electricity, we can predict that not even the paper’s use in housebreaking puppies is going to keep that rag in business.

  3. Don’t these editors realize that welfare checks in California won’t go as far and the cost of everyday necessities like marijuana and porn DVD’s will increase?

  4. That’s the strategy. First, harm the needy in ways that are not readily apparent to them (because they are uninformed or illiterate or unintelligent or whatever). Then, with great fanfare and wonderful heartfelt speeches so it is apparent, provide them with financial or other aid to win their hearts and votes, while perpetuating their dependence.

  5. Where was I reading that higher energy prices disproportionately harm the poor? Oh, yes, it was extracted here — from Nature magazine.

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