New Jersey Senate Candidate: ‘Millions will die’ from global warming

Huffington Post reports:

Climate change is becoming a heated issue in New Jersey’s special U.S. Senate election.

“On climate change, either we take real action, or millions will die,” Democratic Senate candidate Rush Holt candidly told voters in an Internet-only campaign ad released Monday.

The spot was promptly criticized by Republican Senate candidate Steve Lonegan, who called the ad “outrageous.” Holt and Lonegan are competing in an Aug. 13 primary for the seat left vacant by U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D), who died last month.

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9 thoughts on “New Jersey Senate Candidate: ‘Millions will die’ from global warming”

  1. An additional resource is “Taking Liberty: How Private Property in America is Being Abolished” by Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D.
    The proposed map of wildlife corridors is reproduced, and was used to convince Congress not to advance the goals of Agenda 21 (yes, Congress knows all about A-21). A six-minute primer can be found at

    where the map is likewise reproduced.

  2. A quick glance at his website under “issues” shows he’s able to communicate better answers. He seems pretty solid, overall.
    I’d like to know his stance on Agenda 21 “sustainability” issues, and whether he’d be willing to go farther than Ocean County, which merely passed a resolution against Agenda 21. But hey, at least that’s a good first step in the right direction:

  3. Holt is

    a) a politician

    b) a Democratic one

    c) from New Jersey

    Why would anyone expect an intelligent comment, particularly on a science related topic, from him?

  4. You’d feel under seige too if you knew everything that you said will be reported (distorted) in the most negative way possible.

  5. The good people of NJ (as well as the rest of us who suffer under the Congressional left) had better hope that Lonegan comes up with better responses than, “outrageous,” to manure like this. (Why are so many GOPers such lame speakers and debaters?)

  6. This alarmist has already done enough damage to America as a member of the House of Representatives from New Jersey (D-12). His co-sponsorship of H.R. 5101-Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2010,
    fits perfectly within the UN’s Agenda 21 plan for America, and also comports with Obama’s Executive Order 13575, which established the White House Rural Council. A CFACT article reveals how this will negatively affect rural property owners:

  7. It has always said that you get the government you deserve – if you vote for this wally (anyone making an outrageous statement such as this has to be a wally – no argument) then you deserve what you get. My problem is that the rest of us have to wear your stupidity.

  8. The crude death rate is ~8.37/1000. That’s about 4.95 million deaths/month. Millions will die whether we act on climate change or not. So, I suppose he is right, although a tad misleading.

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