Confused: Obama says we need ‘thriving middle class’ to fight global warming

But doesn’t more wealth and more growth = more greenhouse gas emissions?

At a speech in Illinois today, President Obama said:

Of course, we’ll keep pressing on other key priorities, like reducing gun violence, rebalancing our fight against al Qaeda, combating climate change, and standing up for civil rights and women’s rights. But if we don’t have a growing, thriving middle class, we won’t have the resources or the resolve; the optimism or sense of unity that we need to solve these other issues.

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10 thoughts on “Confused: Obama says we need ‘thriving middle class’ to fight global warming”

  1. The latest statistics show America is 27th in the world for middle class prosperity.

  2. The globe is warming because you middle classers aren’t growing and thriving enough. And the beatings will continue until morale improves.

  3. Western Civilization must be against itself if it allows a wound like this be inflicted on it. Twice.

  4. Mr. Obama is against Western Civilization. That is the magic that results in everything being bad.

  5. I’ve been wondering about this whole gang on both sides of the teleprompter: have they ever done anything good, by accident, or do they possess some magic that precludes all such accidents?

  6. The teleprompter is just delivering focus group tested phrases. As with all his speeches, there is no connection with any actual pending legislation. TPOTUS, the TelePrompter Of The United States, is just a fountain of talking points, with no connection to reality. The purpose of his speeches is to get people to think that he is doing something about something. The legacy press will provide no analysis.

  7. You’d think by now Obama would have a blister on the ball of his pivot foot, eh, Bob?
    If we had an economically viable form of energy that didn’t burn anything, we could have rising standards of living and increased economic output with reduced CO2. But CO2 from humans has too small a climatic forcing to care about. We would also have less actual pollution in the form of smog components, soot, ash, and other stuff. I’d be perfectly happy if we could run a high standard of living that way — but for now, that’s a pipe dream. Given Obama’s Choom Gang history, perhaps literally.

  8. Nope, anyone who can stop the seas from rising certainly can focus on increasing middle class wealth without increasing CO2. How many pivots to the economy does he do before he is called for moving his pivot foot?

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