Did the Clean Air Act unleash Atlantic hurricanes?

The Washington Post reports:

Emerging research theorizes the decline of polluting sulfur-based particles in the atmosphere, which block sunlight and cool the Earth beneath, have allowed Atlantic hurricane activity to increase in recent decades. Could it be our efforts to clean the air have, paradoxically, made it more stormy?

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6 thoughts on “Did the Clean Air Act unleash Atlantic hurricanes?”

  1. Try selling the idea to the global warming hacks. algorzeera should have plenty of response as to why it is not possible.

  2. The CAGW people never like this idea because then all you have to do to stop global warming is turn off the sulfur capture equipment that environmentalists forced coal power plants to include.

    Which would save money and lower electricity prices…

  3. I had the idea that tropical cyclone activity was decreasing. I’ve read it here, in fact. How would that be “unleash[ing] Atlantic hurricanes”?

  4. Hmmm. Anthropogenic global warming possibly caused by anthropogenic reduction of anthropogenic sulphur pollution. I like it.

  5. Obviously the correlation is excellent. The frequency chart (although I don’t recall seeing one quite like that) is compelling. So the obvious conclusion is that we should abolish the clean air act. The science is settled and not up for debate.

  6. I like this theory!! Let me have a couple million and two years and I’ll have definite proof that maybe this is correct or not, possibly. We can set up the Milloy Center for Albedo Atmospheric Research. We can probably get Lisa Jackson to be our PR flack.

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