Warmists continue assault on skeptic Reuters editor

Media Matters writes:

A Media Matters study finds that Reuters’ coverage of climate change declined by nearly 50 percent under the regime of the current managing editor, lending credence to a former reporter’s claim that a “climate of fear” has gripped the agency.

David Fogarty, a former Reuters climate change correspondent, wrote that Managing Editor Paul Ingrassia, then serving as deputy editor-in-chief, identified himself as “a climate change sceptic” in 2012. As time went on, Fogarty alleged, “getting any climate change-themed story published got harder,” as some desk editors “agonised” over decisions and allowed articles to become mired in bureaucracy. Eventually, amid a “climate of fear,” Fogarty’s role was “abolished.”

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3 thoughts on “Warmists continue assault on skeptic Reuters editor”

  1. You almost can’t believe that an editor of any news organization would let his or her personal feelings or beliefs influence their judgment as to what is newsworthy, or what slant to take on articles. What will happen to us if we can’t trust an unbiased, free press? The horror!

  2. Beating a dead horse, eh? That sure projects an enviable social status to friends and family.

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