Former Sec. State George Schultz: A Clueless Nonagenarian Warmist

Exploiting the aged Republican, Scientific American asks George Schultz why he works on climate issues.

SciAm: What drives you to keep working on these problems?

Schultz: I’m in my 90s and I live here on the Stanford University campus. It’s dreamy. It’s so nice. However, I have four great-grandchildren.

It’s fun to have little babies around again, but you look at these little kids and they’re so full of vitality and curiosity and so much fun in them. You can’t help but ask yourself: What kind of a world are they going to inherit, and what can I dredge out of my experience that might be put into place to help make it a little better?

With many real and significant, and truly manmade problems we have — problems that we can actually do something about — why would 93-year old George Schultz waste five seconds fretting about the climate?

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