Reuters allows skeptics to debunk the 97% Nonsensus

No doubt Media Matters will soon claim Reuters is secretly funded by Big Oil.

Though World Bank president Kim Jim Yong Kim asserted there was a 97-98% consensus on climate change, Reuters nevertheless reported:

The world should stop arguing about whether humans are causing climate change and start taking action to stop dangerous temperature rises, the president of the World Bank said on Wednesday.

Kim Jim Yong Kim said there was 97 to 98 percent agreement among scientists that global warming was real and caused by human activity.

A study last month found that 97 percent of around 4,000 scientific reports giving an opinion about the cause of climate change since the 1990s said it was mainly human. Sceptics said the survey wrongly omitted thousands of papers which did not give a view. [Emphasis added]

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3 thoughts on “Reuters allows skeptics to debunk the 97% Nonsensus”

  1. These people are idiots. I heard the same thing in High School in the 80’s. Everyone is going to starve to death, there would be not enough food, the air in every major city would be not be breathable, the oceans would rise, Los Angeles and Miami would be under water…blah blah blah blah. This is about money, power and control. And its evil.

  2. Dear stpaulchuck
    “Why oh why can we not get some intelligent independent reporters in the LSM?”
    — Oh Please, LSM reporters are filtered at the employment interview level, as much as the papers at issue were.

  3. same old, same old…
    “100% of the papers we filtered out say what we want”

    I had some guy on a Yahoo! thread actually touting the “peer review” process in climate papers when it’s been publicly debunked as a good old boys warmist club. I damn the LSM for this scam getting so much traction amongst the Eeyores and Chicken Littles. Why oh why can we not get some intelligent independent reporters in the LSM? *sigh*

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