UK climate chief: Skeptics are ‘crackpots and conspiracy theorists’

RTCC reports:

Speaking on Tuesday in Brussels during a during a CBI/EU Corporate Leaders Group event, Davey warned the consequences of inaction in the face of record emission levels were severe, calling on the European Union to adopt a 50% carbon reduction target by 2030.

“There will always be those with a vested interest in the status quo. Who seek to create doubt where there is certainty,” he said. “And you will always get crackpots and conspiracy theorists who will deny they have a nose on their face if it suits them.

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14 thoughts on “UK climate chief: Skeptics are ‘crackpots and conspiracy theorists’”

  1. AGW is very much a greenshirt conspiracy theory. In the U.S. it can be rooted back to the Populist hatred of J.D. Rockefeller as the first manifestation of carbon hatred and Luddite pathology found largely in the modern left.

    The Progressive movement is based on nostalgia and maintaining the past. In short an oxymoron, no “Progress” need apply. This is very clearly the case in the EU as well, all status quo and memory of former greatness.

    It’s unraveling and the green fringe is left with a weak meme which they invested everything. It’s going to be very hard to morf the AGW tag line quickly. Efforts in “Adaptation” and “Extreme Weather” are the last ditch efforts to save the cause. Lipstick on a pig.

  2. The man/woman you really want to convince is the one with their hand up Davey’s back operating his mouth.

  3. Crackpots and Conspiracy Theorists, and Creationists too. That sums it up pretty well.

    Fortunately the sane people are laughing, at you and your army of flying monkeys.

  4. I defy Davey to compose a list of more that 400 crackpots regularly publishing daft hypotheses in pseudoscientific PR mill blogs like this, or 4000 who write blog comments in support of them.

  5. There are those who want power and even think they already have the power to control all of life and even control people and the climate too.

  6. And when the figurative emperor is as attractive as, say, Winston Churchill, that’s an ugly thought.

  7. When you have nothing compelling to offer as proof, you have no choice but to disparage those who have correctly determined that you are indeed not wearing clothes.

  8. Alas, they seem to be right about that. Too many voters are willing to sacrifice their liberty for the chimera of “carbon pollution”, accepting real harm to avert that which will not happen anyway. If it were only their liberty, I could say “tough luck”. But they are sacrificing yours and mine as well.

  9. This does have the warm scent of projection about it.
    There are crackpots and conspiracy theorists among alarmists and sceptics alike. Any large group has fringes that may be a little frayed.
    The difference is that, in general, we sceptics push our C&C voices toward our margins and the alarmists push theirs in front of microphones.

  10. Given the British establishment’s (Met’s) record on climate/weather predictions, you would think this guy would be very, very quiet about climate statements. But I guess facts don’t really matter much.

  11. Noted scientific ‘expert’ and sometime politician, an extremist of Liberal democrat extravagance, from a political party which does ‘weird’ all of the time, a man called Davey, a non entity who couldn’t hold down a real job in the outside world…………… believer in cult of man made global warming, is calling out – people who question his sanity??
    Calm down Ed – its all natural.

  12. “You will always get crackpots and conspiracy theorists who will deny they have a nose on their face if it suits them”. Speak for yourself, Mr. Davey. Another quote: “But the truth is this: while forecasts of the future rate at which the world will warm differ, and while many accept we will see periods when warming temporarily plateaus, all the scientific evidence is in one direction”.
    So it is, so it is: The scientific evidence right now is in the direction that 1) there is very, very little correlation between CO2 emissions and world temperature 2) according to data presented by Roy Spencer, NONE of 73 different climate models is able to describe the temperature since 1979 because they ALL are based on fundamentally false assumptions. With all due respect, but I doubt whether Mr. Daveys educational background (philosophy and economics) makes him equipped to drop that kind of cathegorical judgements. Calling scientists that express well-founded doubts “crackpots” (those including Freeman Dyson, the brightest scientist Britain ever had) is an insult totally inappropriate for a British Member of Parliament and a man in Ed Davey’s position.

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