Claim: Buffett paying Obama to delay/kill Keystone XL

Tar sands oil is coming here by pipeline or rail — guess which way Burlington Northern owner Warren Buffett wants it?

In short, Mr. Obama is about to hammer the American energy industry, and he’s doing it for money…

Running Mr. Buffett’s name through the Federal Election Commission data bank reveals page after page of contributions to Mr. Obama and every conceivable Democratic Party-affiliated organization, amounting to uncounted millions. Mr. Buffett has been contributing to the Democrats for a long time — decades — and it may be entirely coincidental that a lot of Buffett cash continued to the flow to the Obama money machine right when Mr. Obama delayed Keystone and continues to flow right when he may be blocking it permanently. There is no doubt, however, that every day Keystone is delayed, Berkshire Hathaway makes a lot of money. A chart of dollars out of Berkshire Hathaway and into the Democratic National Committee would look very ugly.

Read more at the Washington Times.

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