7 thoughts on “Warmists: Even if CO2 sensitivity is low, emissions need to be cut”

  1. Howdy iVI
    I might go along with you except for two major hurdles:
    1. There’s no useful metric and the ones we use can all be gamed, as they have been for nearly 30 years now.
    2. If we implement the green agenda for 10 years, we’ll lose so much that getting back to normal will be at least a generation. East Germany hasn’t caught up with the West yet; the South didn’t get parity with the North after the Civil War for close to 100 years.

  2. RIGHT… this is always the offer I thought should be made, a binding agreement.

    We DO WHAT YOU SAY… for 10-20 years, if there is a favorable impact, assuming we can agree on a non-cheatable metric, then we’ll back down and go along with your “idea”.

    BUT…. if after that time, there is NO DISCERNIBLE impact, we drop the whole thing and go back to what we were doing before, no further arguments entertained.

    NO CHANCE IN HELL,… they would agree to that! Even assuming some fail-proof measuring scheme, and an honest arbitration where natural factors that DO IMPACT are faithfully and accurately negated from the equation, THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT….

    They just want the regime emplaced, and we’re NEVER going back!

    It doesn’t matter what else happens, they want Paganism adapted and revered, no resistance will be tolerated!

  3. Climatology has done more for the cause of global collectivism/neo-Marxism than anything the Soviets could have hoped for. That’s why Gore and the IPCC and Obama got those Nobels. So of course we must act “if sensitivity to carbon pollution is low” because it’s actually beside the point anyhow.

    It’s never been about CO2 or world temperatures, not really. Statism, collectivism, and mongo sales for makers of windmills and solar panels.

  4. Don’t ask them. They have no idea how to achieve anything they only know how to destroy. Pitiful.

  5. Because a tiny reduction in a weak component of a chaotic system will achieve — what, exactly?

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