18 thoughts on “Obama campaign releases state-by-state target list of climate deniers”

  1. OMG ivillagei, (ref Russia 2045 A New Era for Humanity video) what an arrogant bunch of nitwits, thinking they can guide humanity in this particular path, or even predict the path…just the latest such bunch, I guess. How long do they expect _their_ Reich to last, I wonder?

  2. How can Fred Upton, the CFL (mercury-filled death tube) king, be a climate denier [sic]?

  3. Oh, I “forgot” to check the list. Did my senator, Dick Durbin, make the list? (/s)

  4. This [expletive] makes it increasingly impossible to believe that just the low level grunts of his administration come up with enemies lists and coordinates the attacks on them.

  5. This just adds evidence to my belief that learning history is useless, we repeat it anyway. This is McCarthyism in reverse–all those who are not communists are on a list. Yet most of the people in the country are too apathetic or stupid to even notice. Forget teaching history–first we need to be smart enough to learn from it.

    I notice the word “campaign”–isn’t this the fifth year of the Obama campaign? He must hold the record for longest presidential campaign ever.

  6. A John, THANKS! For the Martin Durkin link. THAT… was enlightening. I new a little about the occult aspect and some of the “Back to Nature” agenda, plus the Darwinian angle, but… I didn’t know how steep this was.

    NOW… I’m looking for a book!?!?!

  7. Interesting, but this is mere child’s play… take a look at this…

    They are soooo far ahead of where we need to be. We will loose if we stay on Defense….

  8. I am disappointed that I am not on the list. You can see the childishness and immaturity of these warmers. And now they try to capitalize on the disaster in Oklahoma.

  9. Wow! Texas has 15 in the House and 1 in the Senate. Proves we are the most reasonable state in the union!

  10. Well that confirms it–My senator Enzi is actually a democrat in republican garb. He loves all that free government money (always has). Guess I should “call-out” Enzi.

  11. My congressman made the list but his comments are so wishy washy he could just as well not made the list. That approach to issues has enabled him to survive 13 terms.

  12. H’m. My member, Steve Daines of Montana, is missing. I’ll have to send him an e-mail and ask that he increase his advocacy so OFA will recognize him in this distinguished group.

  13. I am very annoyed that my Congressman did not make the list. What is the matter with Tom Rice

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